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I got an interview at my old job, which I liked very much. Its not much for growth but I need to HAVE A JOB at least. Later on I'll find something more focused on my 'careerwise'.

I haven't talked to Alex in two days. And if he calls I won't answer him. He threaten to stop helping me with Baby girl montary wise. Fine, I can do it on my own but don't expect me to be your friend!

I love it when Bri calls my dad 'AH-NEY'. She is trying to copy my mom when she says 'honey' to my dad. when my parents left she waved to them from the window and kept saying. "Bye ahney, bye ahney" Mom keeps telling her granpa, mija! And she also calls him 'PoPs' Its so damn cute. Oh and she's figured out how to say Daniel. She says "NEL" in spanish. She still calls my mom "mom". And me Mamma or Mami.

Today I finished revamping my resume. It looks kick ass! I got a little help from my career counselor. She is awesome! She really goes the extra mile to help you in watever you need. We need more people like her.

I'm feeling better but not so better. I can take deep breaths and not cough up a lung. YAY. I did cough a little around this afternoon. but not as bad as before. Only thing I woke up with a bad summer cold. Stuffy nose, sinus pressure augh!.

I'm gonna be going to a new home. for this journal. I'm thinking of going to Wordpress or Blogger permanently. lately I've been reading a lot of wordpress blogs. Seems like everyone is leaveing DL. I had to delete a lot of ppl on my buddy list cause they never updated. I used to be one of them. So when I have it I'll tell ya! k?!... .

I'm so fucken thirsty!

5:06 p.m. - 2008-07-18


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